Kidnappers Deploy Another Tactics In Nigeria

Kidnappers Deploy Another Tactics In Nigeria

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Kidnappers deploy another tactics in Nigeria by implicating innocent people so that they can get away with their crimes. Kidnappers Deploy Another Tactics In Nigeria, although this story has not been confirmed as at the time of this publishing but there is an exploit we can all patch here! A man who I will like […]

Thermal Network CCTV Camera

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Thermal network cameras outperform a visual camera in dark scenes and are a great tool for detecting people and objects in 24/7 surveillance, from pitch dark areas to a sunlit parking lot. Thermal network cameras create images based on the heat that always radiates from any object, vehicle or person. A thermal camera is less […]

CCTV Security Test Monitor

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CCTV security test monitor is developed for the On-Site installation and maintenance of HD cameras and HD analog cameras (including AHD/SDI/CVI/TVI) in high resolution. The unit supports many ONVIF IP Camera and analog PTZ camera control, with Video display, DC12v output power, Audio test, RS 485 Data searching and Cable testing, POE power supply testing, PING testing, Multimeter, […]

A Desktop or Surveillance HDD?

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There are plenty of storage drives available for different usage, but primarily users get confused which one to choose. The difference lies in the engineering of the drive, so while choosing any of these drives, you need to understand your usage. Surveillance is one of the segment where most of the time normal hard drives […]

Video Baluns | UTP Balun

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CCTV video baluns, also known as UTP baluns, allow traditional coax cable to be replaced by category 5 and other forms of twisted pair wire in CCTV video camera & surveillance installations. Video baluns allow installers to use more cost effective structured cabling techniques to wire security cameras. By using video baluns, UTP wire such […]

Understanding Camera Iris

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A camera iris is the part of the camera that regulates the level of light needed to pass through the lens. Whenever the iris creates a larger opening, more light can get through; a smaller opening allows less light through. The light that the iris allows to flow hits the image sensor and that light […]

The Benefits of Installing I.P CCTV Surveillance

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Internet protocol surveillance cameras, IP cameras, are digital video cameras used for surveillance that can send and receive information via a network and the Internet. The IP surveillance camera systems are installed as an alternative to analog closed circuit television. Prior to digital alternatives, surveillance was comprised of analog information recorded on palpable media. Utilizing […]

ATM Fraud & ATM Skimming

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ATM card is one of the benefits technology has brought to the banking industry and so also it can be disastrous when you are careless about all the tips being provided by your financial institution Your bank will always advise you not to reveal your banking details to third party. Your banking details include: Your name […]