Kidnappers Deploy Another Tactics In Nigeria

Kidnappers Deploy Another Tactics In Nigeria

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Kidnappers deploy another tactics in Nigeria by implicating innocent people so that they can get away with their crimes.

Kidnappers Deploy Another Tactics In Nigeria, although this story has not been confirmed as at the time of this publishing but there is an exploit we can all patch here!

A man who I will like to refer to as (Mr. Y) was in his car shop in Owerri over the weekend when a man who posed as a customer walked in and claimed he was there to buy a car.

Mr. Y looked at the customer and noticed his pockets were bulging with cash and he was uneasy.

Mr. Y was immediately suspicious when the man claimed he wanted to buy a Toyota Siena which he told him the cost (NGN 1.8 Million). The customer did not argue or bargain, He simply said Ok and asked Mr. Y to give him his bank account number so he could transfer the money to him.
Mr. Y did as he was asked while he wondered how a man could purchase a car without even inspecting it or negotiating for a discount.

The customer transferred the bank account number to another person over the phone by sms as he has explained to Mr. Y that it was another person that will do the transfer.

Few minutes later, Mr. Y received an alert of NGN 500,000 instead of NGN1.8 million, He then asked his customer why he did a part payment as against the original amount of the car. The customer became so furious that he made a call and began shouting at the person at the other end, asking him why he transferred an amount lesser to the agreed amount.

After the call ended, he pleaded with  Mr. Y not to worry that he would not buy the car again. He asked him to use an atm card to withdraw the cash and give to him NGN 470,000 and take NGN 30,000 for  himself for all the trouble he caused him but Mr. Y bluntly refused that he would rather return the money to the original sender, so the customer left with annoyance.

The next day Mr. Y proceeded to the bank where he filled a teller over the counter and paid the said NGN500,000 back to the account number that made the transfer. In the “remark section” he wrote – “suspicious transaction” then he went home.

2 days after the incident he headed to the bank again to withdraw some money and observed that he could not use his atm card – “it has been blocked”. He went to other atm machines and it was the same result so he proceeded to his own bank to make a report and he was instantly detained and subsequently taken into police custody.

Apparently his account had been placed on red alert by his bank with an order from the police authority.

It was at the police station he got to know that the NGN500,000 he received in his account was paid in by a member of the family of a kidnap victim.

The kidnapping operation was carried out in Enugu state, a female member of the family was also rapped before making away with the kidnap victim.

Mr. Y was later transferred to Enugu from Owerri where he is being held currently for interrogation by the police, I hope the remark section “Suspicious transaction” could bail him out.

Please be security conscious of your environment and for no reason should you give out your bank account for transaction you do not know or have little knowledge about.

Refuse to be a BAIT !

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  1. Honestly, I was shocked when I heard and came to read this here, we should all be careful most especially with those friends that usually come to meet us that they have a friend that want to send them money but could not receive it through their own bank due to account issue, this could be another threat to us.

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