We offer series of classroom and private training. Our training period maybe lengthy but be assured that you are going to become a professional installer after the training.

We do not just train students on how to install alone, we also teach them the in-depth of each course. At the end of the training, student will be confident to go into labour market after he or she has acquired the right skills to excel in the field ranging from the terminologies used to the installation/troubleshooting. Certificate of achievement is issued at the end of successful completion of the training.

  • CCTV Installation (Digital & I.P)
  • PBX Intercom System Installation (Analog & I.P)
  • Biometric Access Control Installation (With Electromagnetic Lock and Deadbolt Lock)
  • Vehicle security Installation (GPS tracker and/or control center setup)
  • Renewable Energy Installation (Solar/Wind/Hybrid)

​A training without a practical knowledge is like fetching water into a basket. At Tango Digital Systems, we have launched a Dual-In-Line practical class to prepare an intending field technician to be a qualified installer. You have the great opportunity to have a 1 on 1 meeting with the trainer who will also share the field experiences with you and not only that but also be included in the Team of Tango Digital Systems whenever there is field assignment.

​This will expose you to the market and start to acquire your own field experiences.