CCTV Surveillance

These systems are used to not only prevent criminal activity, but should something occur there is a greater chance that the perpetrator can be caught on video to assist police in finding that person. CCTV systems are designed to operate continuously. They can be as simplified or complicated as you wish. Either way, you’re able to protect your facility and monitor activity in and around it.

PABX System

pabx systems

The PABX phone systems are used in small, large businesses, and homes today. They are an ideal way to bring a level of class and efficiency to your establishment. Workers can be easily trained to use these simple systems and you will find your entire team working better together using these wise systems.

ICT Solution

✰ Hardware Troubleshooting and Installs
Software Troubleshooting and Installs
Business/Residential Network Installs (Wired/Wireless)
Network Troubleshooting
WP Data Migration
Web Hosting | Website Maintenance


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