Website Development

Having a well-designed, effective and professional looking website, will provide credibility to your business. Well written web content will keep your customers engaged, and encourage them to explore your website and learn about who you are as a business. More and more people are searching for services and products on the web everyday. If you don’t have that effective web presence, you are ‘giving’ business to your competitors.

CCTV Surveillance

These systems are used to not only prevent criminal activity, but should something occur there is a greater chance that the perpetrator can be caught on video to assist police in finding that person. CCTV systems are designed to operate continuously. They can be as simplified or complicated as you wish. Either way, you’re able to protect your facility and monitor activity in and around it.

Biometric & RFID Access Control

Biometric systems provide more accurate identification, lowering your risk of unwanted breaches. With this type of security system, access is granted not only by passwords or smart cards but by biological characteristics like iris scans or fingerprints which are difficult to duplicate or forge. This more accurate information helps with security as well as accountability.

Vehicle Security

Selecting the correct tracker is difficult as most seem similar on the outside. Almost everyone can locate your device using GPS location and lets you set alarms for speeds, geofencing or motion detection. The reality however is that if you can’t receive messages from your device – or understand the locations your device is sending you, your tracking device is useless in that moment.

Renewable Energy

renewable energy

The first thing you need to do to go off the grid is to rid yourself of dependence on electricity from your power company. The most common way to do so is by using the sun and the wind to provide your power. Neither concept is new, but more people are turning to these constant power sources to help offset or replace their reliance on electricity transmission company.

Cellphone Surveillance

cellphone surveillance

While mobile phone surveillance has been carried out by large organization for a long time, especially for clues of illegal activities, more and more such surveillance are now carried out by individuals for personal reasons. For example, a parent may become a “text spy” in order to monitor a child’s texting activity or businesses who want to monitor their employees.

PABX System

pabx systems

The PABX phone systems are used in small, large businesses, and homes today. They are an ideal way to bring a level of class and efficiency to your establishment. Workers can be easily trained to use these simple systems and you will find your entire team working better together using these wise systems.

ICT Solution

ict solution

Hardware Troubleshooting and Installs
Software Troubleshooting and Installs
Business/Residential Network Installs (Wired/Wireless)
Network Troubleshooting
WP Data Migration
Web Hosting | Website Maintenance



We do not just train students on how to install alone but also teaching the course in-depth is our major priority. At the end of the training, student will be confident to go into labor market after he or she has acquired the right skills ranging from the terminologies used to the installation and troubleshooting.



Tango Digital Systems offers a wide range of consultancy on any of our listed services. We do not just suggest to you but we make sure we determine your requirement and recommend a better solution that will suite your need. We also make sure that we recommend the best equipments for your project.