Biometric & RFID Access Control

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification is a fundamental and inexpensive technology that enables wireless data transmission. This technology has not been very often used in industry due to lack of standardization among the manufacturing companies earlier.

RFID technologies are efficient and secure compare to other network. With RFID, wireless automatic identification takes a very specific form: the object, location, or individual is marked with a unique identifier code contained with an RFID tag, which is in some way attached to or embedded in the target. RFID is not a single product but a comprehensive system, a typical RFID system include three basic elements: RFID tag (transponder), reader (transceiver) and back-end application system (or database), which demands the support of the computer network. The software is used for management, controlling, transaction, operation and maintaining record of the various users. A digital door locking system is also implemented and governed by RFID reader which authenticate and validate the user and open the door automatically. It also keeps the record of check-in and check-out of the user. It’s very important to authenticate the user before entering into a secure space and RFID provide this solution.

 The system enables user to check-in and check-out under fast, secure and convenient conditions. The system include door locking system which open when the user put their tag in contact with reader and the user information matched with the information already stored in database. The RFID controls the opening and closing of the door. In this study we utilize RFID technology to provide solution for secure access of a space while keeping record of the user. We used passive type of RFID here. The passive types of RFID are battery-less and they obtain power to operate from reader. The major advantages of passive RFID are its cost effective and small in size. Due to above advantages, it is widely used by inventory tracking technology. Current antenna technology makes it possible to smaller in size.