(Last Updated On: October 10, 2023)

The Best Video Surveillance for Abandoned Commercial Properties

Any abandoned commercial property needs to be looked after, but with so many options for security, it can be rather overwhelming to choose the best method of protection. Even when you know you want a surveillance camera instead of hiring a licensed security guard, you still need to choose the best security camera for your commercial property.

There is more to good surveillance than simply installing a security camera. To get everything you need in a surveillance camera you need to know what you are looking for. But what are those protections? And how can you choose the best video surveillance for an abandoned commercial property?

The Security You Need

A property inspection might tell you where you need protection, but it cannot give you more general information about the security devices you should implement.

1. Reliable Energy
One of the most important things you need in a surveillance camera is a power source. When it comes to abandoned commercial properties, it is unlikely that the electricity will still be on. Security cameras that use phone lines will have the same issue. The best solution for this is a camera with a good internal battery that can hold a charge.

2. Low Light Recording
Your surveillance camera needs to have an image sensor that functions in low-light conditions. This is instrumental not only because of issues of sunlight but also if you would like redundant cameras inside a structure that may be boarded up. It can help to understand camera irises so you can know about finding the right aperture setting for your lighting conditions.

3. Motion Activation
Motion-triggered systems are best because they allow the camera to conserve energy when there are no risks to record. It also streamlines the information that needs to be reviewed, as well as gaining the attention of whoever is monitoring the camera.

4. Real-Time Viewing
You do not want a CCTV system that is only going to offer information after the fact. Being able to review your footage in real time is a must. If you do not have a person paying attention to the footage your camera is documenting, you cannot guarantee an appropriate response to what is detected.

Additional Considerations

Besides the bare essentials for your abandoned property surveillance, there are more you can take advantage of. For greater property protection, consider the following.

1. Video Distributor Amplification
Instead of a single person monitoring the footage or having one location where footage is stored, you can use a video distribution amplifier. This will also help compensate for any signal loss that may have otherwise temporarily disrupted your video feed.

2. Thermal Cameras
When your property’s perimeter has no lighting you might need to detect and record in pitch dark areas. In cases where you don’t even have low light, it is best to install thermal cameras. These cameras rely on the heat that bodies give off so that light is irrelevant.

In very remote areas where there are truly no light sources, thermal imaging might be your only way (or a better way) to document your property and its surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Even when you have the proper window and door security and the right commercial door locks, monitoring your property is a must. If you are not worried about insurance, the risk of squatters should be enough to take surveillance