• The following applies to the offer of N20,000 to create a website

    ** Tango Digital Systems here refers to the "Developer"

    ** Website owner refers to the "Client"

    1. That the developer remains the sole entity to have access to the Cpanel on a shared hosting.

    2. That the developer shall offer its full support to tackle any glitch that may arise from the hosting provider.

    3. That the developer can only accept to manage the backend of the website if only the client could not find a webmaster.

    4. That in the event of dispute between the webmaster and client which could lead to webmaster changing the password to the website backend thereby locking out the client, a formal letter is required by the developer from the client.

    (i) For Business: A letter of AUTHORIZATION to reset the password on a company letterhead with an official stamp or seal.

    (ii) Individual: A letter of AUTHORIZATION to reset the password with a photocopy of a valid government identity card.

    5. That in the event where the client wishes to switch from its webmaster to the developer, the client shall pay the sum of N5,000 as a commitment fee but this amount can be reviewed at anytime without any prior notice.

    6. That the website package comes with one webmail, if client wishes to have more than one, additional webmail shall be charged at N5,000.

    7. That the N20,000 valid for the period of one year while the renewal cost of the hosting shall be charged at N30, 000 or as determined by the hosting vendor.

    8. That the website comes with a valid SSL certificate (Green Padlock) which means any outgoing traffic from the website server is encrypted to the destination.

    9. That the website is a CMS (WordPress) which is easier to manage by the client.

    10. That maintenance or upgrade requested by the client will attract a token (cost of Internet DATA) depending on the volume of the task.

    11. That informations submitted to the developer to process the website shall be remain confidential and will not be made available to third party.